Looking Back Vintage Quilt

This will be a short blog. So far I have showed how I paper pieced my little log homes. This blog will just describe how I pieced them together and where I got my inspiration.

First I said I would let you know how I fixed that block that had an “attic” and some of my friends called it. Luckily with freezer paper foundation piecing I could iron the foundation back onto the pieces that were already pieced and then continue with fixing that one part.

I have a book called America’s Glorious Quilts. 

ap chal book cover

It illustrates the history of quilts and is divided into chapters of the type of quilts.

I chose the chapter America’s Folklore.
ap chal book chapter
Here is the inspiration and the quilt layout I found. The description said it was made in 1880. It’s funny because as I was posting the progress of my blocks, when I laid them out I had a lot of questions why were some of the blocks upside down? So I had to show them this quilt. I got quite a few interesting responses about it. “You can put on the back of a sofa and it will look good from both directions.” and “depends on which side of the bed you are standing!”
ap chal quilt layout
I liked the layout because it had large sashing to separate the blocks. Gives me plenty of space to quilt! 

I used a 2″ sashing between the 6″ x 8″ blocks. So here is the finished quilt. I had a hard time deciding on whether to put a border on it so I asked my FB friends and the consensus was to put on a border. Since I was making this will fat eighths I was limited to how many blocks I could make with them. The quilt has a 2-1/2″ border and finishes at 37″ x 39″. I haven’t found time to quilt it yet but when I do I will show it off.
ap chal finished quilt
So let me know what you think of my little quilt!
As always; Do what you love and love what you do. Thanks for reading and please share this blog with your quilting friends. Toby Lischko